March is here, and with it a bunch of exciting events! From Worldbuilding Con, to the Worldbuilding Awards and many unofficial challenges, here’s everything you need to know this month!

🪐 Worldbuilding Con is back!

Worldbuilding Con, the free online convention for worldbuilders, is coming back this month! Save the date for March 16th and 17th to attend panels from experts like Tracy Hickman and C. L. Clark.

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🗺️ New maps

We’ve updated maps to make adding markers of all sorts easier!

  • You no longer need to refresh when adding a new marker
  • Lines, polygons, and circles are now added visually (no more figuring out coordinate points!)
  • Overall UI improvements

For more information about maps, check the feature guide.

There were other minor changes too, check out the Changelog page on World Anvil for details!

🗓️ Worldbuilding Awards & unofficial challenge month

Stand by for our March events!

  • 🏆 Worldbuilding Awards: submit your worldbuilding for a chance to be voted as one of the best worldbuilders of the year! The submission period is from March 4th to March 17th—check the event page for details.
  • 🙌 Unofficial Challenge Month: there are multiple Anvilites organizing their own unofficial challenges this month. Take a look at them and take part if any catch your eye! Learn more here.
  • 🪐 Worldbuilding Con: Worldbuilding Con is coming back on March 16th-17th. There won’t be regular streams that weekend, and this will replace this month’s Sage Seminar.

3-month schedule until May

🌟 Community highlight

Looking for an amazing example using the new timelines? Look no further than this month’s feature—Valonia: Kingdom at the River’s End, a timeline by Adcheryl! It uses the new timeline features to their full potential by using a map as a background that changes as you scroll down the eras. It’s an amazing example of what can be done with timelines, so check it out and leave a comment!

Acheryl timeline

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