Mini DimitrisHear ye hear ye!


The following World Anvil Features are fresh off the forge:

Article List:

  • Delete articles without having to go to the edit page.
  • Drafts now appear on top.

Article Workflow:

There are no more separate instances of a ‘new’ and ‘edit’ page for articles. There is just ‘edit’, giving you direct access to notes, secrets and relations. A newly created article will always be a draft. (This is a precursor to autosaving and a lot more!)


  • Safely converted all Article Timelines into Parallel Timelines. (No more Article Timelines)



  • Choose if a timeline is a Major (previously known as Master) or Normal (previously known as Parallel) timeline.
  • Ability to assign an article to EACH timeline.

  • Choose if a timeline will show or not on the World’s homepage. [GUILD ONLY]
  • You can no longer create Historical Events in the Timeline edit screen. Instead, you create them from the Historical Events tab and assign them to an existing timeline.
  • Browse a list of all Historical Events in your world.
  • You can now have free-standing historical events (No timeline required).
  • Redesigned the Timelines page.

Bear ye well these updates in mind and through your efforts help spread glad tidings!