Enhancemnet BannerFeature BannerWe got down to business to deliver a new feature!

Dear Anvilities,

Are you eager to elaborate on how people in your world make a living? If so, we bring you the Professions Template! You can now describe the every day jobs and unique areas of expertise of the people in your world.

Along with this amazing feature, this template brings 2 new innovations/concepts:

The Relations links on the sidebar automatically has a tooltip with their excerpt.

There is now an indicator on the form for professions which tells you if the prompt will be placed on the main body text (left) or the sidebar (right).

We also have a new Enhancement! When adding a current location to a Character, you will be able to see a link TO the character in the LOCATION (geographic/settlement/building) presentation under “Characters in Location”.

Your job now…if you choose to accept it…is GET TO WORLDBUILDING!