This is the first of a new series of posts, our Sage Spotlights! Here we’ll spotlight what some of our pro-World Anvil users are doing! Learn how they’re using World Anvil’s worldbuilding software to build amazing worlds, monetize projects, drive engagement and grow their communities! 

Have you heard of Dragons and Things? Well, have I got a treat for you! Dragons and Things (aka DaT) is an actual-play livestream – actually the biggest Pathfinder livestream out there – and they recently made the jump to World Anvil! And this year, they’re ALSO making another jump – upgrading systems to Pathfinder 2 – for their epic new campaign!

Who are Dragons and Things?

Dragons and Things is the premiere Pathfinder live play stream – their first arc ran for 3 years as a single epic streamed campaign! Although that first incredible Pathfinder 1 campaign ended in December of 2019, you can still catch it on VOD on their Twitch Channel! It is – in a word – INCREDIBLE!

But this year, Dragons and Things has started up a brand-new Pathfinder 2nd Edition campaign! And what a line-up! They’ve got new characters, new cast members, and everything is shot on a stunning new set… And, best of all (obviously), they’re using World Anvil to track and reveal their brand new world – Val’Druen!

Dragons and Things Friday Cast

Dragons and Things Friday Cast (from left to right): Diana Restrepo as Zymera, Ben Burch as Preston, Adam Conn as Thorne, Eric Radic as Hogan Greyskull. Definitely check out their linked World Anvil Character Profiles to learn more!

How are Dragons and Things using World Anvil?

As civilization thrives with the invention of new spells and wondrous machines, there are growing concerns that all this power comes with a price. Worrying signs appear that reality itself is threatened by the magnitude and frequency of the magic being tapped…
Val’Druen is changing, and the possibilities for what it shall become are endless. The question is, will the people shaping those possibilities survive in the world they’ve created, or will they invent their own destruction?

–An Introduction to Val’Druen, on World Anvil

“Dragons and Things: Vantam”, the new 2020 campaign, doesn’t just aim at compelling narrative and impressive visuals. They’ll also be exploring a new world in greater depth than any other show. And the way they’re doing this is INSANELY cool. GM James Rodehaver (affectionately known as JimJam) tells 2 concurrent stories, set against the same immersive backdrop. One goes live on Tuesdays, one on Fridays, and the stories will weave together to reveal more about the world!

Each story is a self-contained plotline that serves as a complete experience on its own. But fans who watch both streams live will see how the two stories intersect. And those hungry for more can explore Val’Druen on World Anvil! As with all World Anvil worlds, this will be where they’ll glean deeper insight into the fictional world of Val’Druen, AND into the links between shows. Of course, as the show progresses, Val’Druen will grow on World Anvil with new articles, too! Readers will have a chance to focus on content that’s directly relevant to the show. And watch out for Patreon-only lore releases!

Of course you can already find the basics there! Most important is probably the Character profiles, which I’ve linked beneath the cast pics! And make sure you check out the organisations too. They’re the core of any great campaign.

Dragons and Things - the Tuesday Cast

Dragons and Things – the Tuesday Cast: Nathan Ondrack as Sly, Katie Wilson as Zkah, Adam Rady as Quindyn, Jaime Mills as Odilie, Meghan Caves as Grace. Definitely check out their linked World Anvil Character Profiles to learn more!


What’s next for Dragons and Things?

While the spine of “Dragons and Things: Vantam” remains epic storytelling, its heart remains the interaction between the fans and the players. And if you’re just hearing about them now, the new show is the perfect opportunity to get started with these guys!

In their live streams (duration, about 3 hours with a quick break!) you can even affect the game directly with contributions, sending bonuses and buffs to players! Or alternately, sowing chaos with wild magic effects! And there’s a wide range of options for joining in on the action. Even better, their community is welcoming and vibrant, and the cast read and respond to comments live on the stream.

If you can’t make the stream live, VOD episodes are available shortly after LIVE episodes, and podcast versions will be made available after that. You can find all the details of the DaT Family on their Twitch channel.

Want to see something awesome? Check out this EPIC Dragons and Things trailer! Or catch them live at 6pm PST Tuesdays and Fridays – sadly that’s 1am UK time, but I’ll catch them on the VoDs!


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