World Anvil is full of amazing ideas, and that’s why we like featuring our creators’ worlds! Last year we gathered the community-favourite worlds —and now we’re doing it again! Today we have started the 2020 Best of World Anvil Poll, and we need YOU to tell us what are your favourite worlds! So, go ahead and fill in this form or keep reading to know more.

How do I vote?

Voting is very easy! There are nine categories that you need to vote in:

  • Homepage
  • Fantasy Article
  • Science Fiction Article
  • Map
  • Timeline
  • Character Article
  • Geographic Location Article
  • Organization Article
  • Family Tree (included in an article)

You can choose up to three different items for each category, and you can’t vote for your own content! And make sure that anything you submit to the form was created between June 2019 and June 2020. If you need ideas, join our Discord server and take a peek at the #for-your-consideration channel!

Although you can’t vote for yourself, you can promote your content! Using your social media is a great way to do so, for example. You can also join our Discord server and use the channel mentioned above.

What will the Best of World Anvil winners get?

The main purpose of this poll is to give visibility to the awesome creators of World Anvil. Their content is very inspiring and we want to spread it! So this is what the winners of the poll will get:

  • A special feature on our homepage for a full year
  • Features on the blog and website throughout the year
  • Features on the World Anvil official live streams
  • A very special and shiny badge marking them as the 2020 Overlords of the Anvil
  • Winning entries will be used on YouTube sponsorships by various influencers

What are you waiting for! Stop reading right now and vote in the 2020 Best of World Anvil poll!