Staff here at World Anvil have been completely blown away by the #WASummerCamp competition this week… Tonnes of articles have been rolling in all week at lightning speeds, resulting in 1397 across 324 competitors. Talk about a lot to read! But don’t worry, we’ve put together a quick roundup of this week’s Summer Camp articles for everyone- including small posts, detailed posts, and everything in between!

Day 1: Write an introduction to the geography of your world.

Day 1 of World Anvil Summer Camp 2018 kicked off with an absolute bang; Janet killed it with an exciting Unpacking the Prompt looking at Geography– and by the time Gorge’s daily Twitch Livestream happened, we had 125 entries by 80 competitors… Today, 178 of our total entries have been submitted to this prompt alone!

Day 2: Describe the most impressive landmark in your world.

Janet once again opened the day with a one of her Unpacking the Prompt videos. In keeping with Day 2’s prompt, she talked a bit about Landmarks, discussing both Manmade and Natural Landmarks, and the differences between them. By Gorge’s livestream that same day, we had a total of 323 entries- that’s almost a 200 entry jump from the first day! Today, 108 of our entries belong to this prompt… Needless to say the World Anvil community was absolutely killing it.

Day 3: Which criminal organization in your world is the most notorious, and why?

Day 3 of World Anvil Summer Camp opened with another of Janet’s exciting Unpacking The Prompt videos, this one about different types of Criminal Organizations and what defines a Criminal. Once again, Gorge’s Livestream showed us another massive 200 entry jump: Over that 528 entries from 204 competitors… Holy cow! Today, 99 of our total entries account for this prompt alone- a little lower than the previous two days, but still fairly significant!

Day 4: Describe a settlement that’s a major trade hub. What can you find there?

Janet’s Unpacking the Prompt for day 4 focused on Trade Hubs, how they’re influenced, and what one might find there- from cultural fusions, to items, architectural juxtaposition, and more. The World Anvil community continued to blow us out of the water on day 4, too, with 706 entries by the time Gorge’s livestream rolled in. Today, 94 Trade Hubs have been submitted!

Day 5: Describe the most marginalized ethnicity in your world.

Unpacking the Prompt talked about a complicated topic: Reviled and Marginalized Ethnicities– starting with what makes an Ethnicity to begin with. On day 5 Gorge also switched up his Livestream format, moving ranking overviews to the end of the stream as opposed to the beginning. Still, 874 submissions were in by the end of the stream- another big jump from the previous day; today, 64 of those have been submitted to this prompt!

Day 6: Which is the most prestigious profession in your world?

59 entries have been submitted for this prompt as of today. But according to Gorge on his Livestream, by day 5 we had 1,071 entries across all prompts. That’s another jump of almost 200 submissions! Looks like Janet’s Unpacking the Prompt videos are really helping out; on day 6 the topic was Professions, and what influences when a profession is considered prestigious.

Day 7: What are some common insults unique to a language in your world?

Day 7 kicked off with Unpacking the Prompt, Insult Edition… Watching Janet try and keep it PG was both hilarious and entertaining. Unfortunately it looks like there’s a slight issue with Gorge’s Livestream on our Twitch channel, so the stats got cut out. As a result, I don’t know how many entries we ended Week 1 of World Anvil Summer Camp 2018 with… I can only imagine they’re continuing to go up, though- and as of today, 42 of of our total entries are insults for day 7’s prompt!

And there you have it, folks! Drop by the articles and leave a comment and a like (and maybe even a quick tweet) if you enjoyed them- and don’t forget to tune in to GorgeFodder’s Livestream, airing daily at 21:00 BST on World Anvil’s Twitch channel, in order to stay up to date on the goings-on.

A Quick Note: Our beautiful Mistress of Bananas herself will be switching up the format of her Unpacking the Prompt videos; instead of being uploaded once a day, the whole series will now be available on Youtube tomorrow. You can continue to access them directly through World anvil’s Youtube Channel as usual, or click on the new youtube play button each prompt will have once the videos are released (it’ll open the video in a new tab, so now worry about losing your spot)!

Until next week Anvilites! Be creative, avoid burnout, and have fun!