We have rolled out numerous features and enhancements this week!

Dimitris has been hammering out so many new worldbuilding tools for you all this week! From a new community features option, to a new way to organize favorite articles, check out details for each item below.


Community Features Option

For those authors or Gamemasters that want to focus on writing/creating and do not want to take part in community challenges or browse other peoples work, this new option allows you to declutter your layout by removing all those mentions/features when you are logged in.

How do you configure this you ask?

  • Go to your Account Details (top right click on your avatar/username)
  • Then click Community Features are Enabled

Enabling/Disabling Community Features

Subscriber Manageability 

The following changes are very helpful for multiple subscriber groups you are trying to manage and make sure they are viewing the correct content!

  • When using Secrets in articles, you can see the list of the subscriber groups you have assigned the secret to. 

Subscriber in Secrets

  • Subscriber groups are now visible on the bottom of private articles and, as a bonus, on the articles list!

Subscribers at Bottom of Article

Subscribers in Article List

Reading List 

The old Favorites system is separated into LIKES and ADD TO READING LIST

  • LIKES: Notifies the author that their article was liked by you and its a way to give kudos/love to the community.
  • ADD TO READING LIST: Does NOT inform the author, but adds the article in a list for you to read.


  • Added the following Location types in the Building/Landmark template:
    • Natural Wonder
    • Geographic Feature
  • Footers for article presentation is altered to include all the social media of the author, Ko-fi link, and the ability to follow the world the article belongs to. Supporting creators monetizing their worlds is our jam!

Article Footer SM Links

  • Added user-css-image-thumbnail to image-thumb-container for enabling more css customizations!

We hope these various worldbuilding tools leveled up your World Anvil experience!