How to Be a Great Game Master has released another video for their World Anvil Series!

Guy is back with a new video covering the Ethnicity Template! I personally have been anticipating for this template to be explained in greater detail. It feels like a huge undertaking to understand and dissect a society’s culture that is not bound by species. What really intrigues me is how he expresses the power this template provides for a world.


Tea time at 4pm is an ethnic trait imprinted by the British empire!

One example he elaborates is a setting where influential kingdoms have risen and fallen, thus asking the question “What are the remnants that remain behind and still influence cultures?” Another perspective he touches upon are ethnic traits that are affected by the flow of time, such as beauty ideals for a culture between different generations. The prompts in the Ethnicity template definitely help narrow down the minute details on such an expansive topic. In conclusion, Guy helps you think about how the ethnicities in your world interact each other and how they evolve through time. Watch his video below to learn more and get inspired!


Photo of tea by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash