World Anvil Weekly Twitch Stream 8/25/18

Face words!Tune in to our weekly Twitch live stream for news on the latest developments and what’s been happening on World Anvil this week!

This week we will be live with our friends from Tale Foundry who will be available to answer your questions about the current competition! In addition, we will also be announcing the RAFFLE winner from our Twitter promotion in celebration of the new Maps update!

You know you want to get in on the action, so grab a cup of your favorite beverage and join us!

When: Saturday 20:00 BST

Don’t miss it!


I’m a programmer by day and artist by night. I’m also the co-author and editor for a science fantasy novel and world called Eternity. I love to support the creative endeavors of others!

I am part of the World Anvil community team! Find me on Discord or check out my world on World Anvil!

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