Spoiler Alert!

These images below were all made with or with the help of artificial intelligence. Even this article was written with the help of an AI writer. How awesome is that?!

We’ve all experienced writer’s or worldbuilder’s block. Writing can be tough if there’s a lack of inspiration. What do you do if you can’t seem to find any?

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the best ways to incorporate artificial intelligence into your worldbuilding and writing.

Prompt & Awe

Most AI generators on the market take a prompt as an input. No, not like our worldbuilding prompts. Although… This gives us an idea. Let’s take a random worldbuilding prompt, tweak it a bit, and run it through an AI image generator to see what we get.

Original World Anvil Worldbuilding Prompt:

“What is your world’s equivalent to tea or coffee?”

Let’s pick coffee.

Since this is for World Anvil, let’s mix the phrase “World Anvil” into the prompt to feed to the AI.

* We used MidJourney for this example.

** Full prompt used: freshly brewed cup of delicious coffee, for wanvil chan, the forge master of the world anvil –s 2025 –ar 16:9

WOAH! How amazing is that?!

So now let’s dive into some of the tools you can use to gain some AI generated inspiration.

The Best AI Tools for Writing Inspiration

AI Image Generators & Editors

1. MidJourney

MidJourney claims to be “expanding the imaginative powers of the human species” and oh boy, does that ring true for us. It’s a free-to-try tool. You just have to join their discord server.

2. Deep Dream Generator

As the name might suggest, Deep Dream Generator creates works of dream by combining two images together. One image forms the base, the other the style. Certain combinations can be astounding.

3. Craiyon

A free mini version of the extremely powerful DALL-E 2 AI image generator. It tends to skew towards the abstract.

4. NightCafe

NightCafe is another awesome choice if you want abstract images or wish to transfer the style of one image onto another.

5. Artbreeder

Artreeder, one of the originals in the space of AI image generation. You can generate completely free to use images of landscapes, buildings, characters portraits, and more. While it may be 5th in this list, it sits at the top of ours because of how simple their Terms of Use are. Every image generated falls under Public Domain – CC0.

AI Writing Tools

1. Writesonic

Originally designed with marketing copywriters in mind, Writesonic provides an impressive suite of AI assisted writing tools. Experiment with Song Lyrics, Stories, or their Analogy Maker, just to name a few of their more unique ones.

2. Rytr

Rytr might not have some of the more fun or interesting tools that Writesonic does, but it’s just as powerful in providing some AI driven writing inspiration.

AI Dungeon Master

No DM? No problem. AI Dungeon’s got your back. Select your world and play within an AI-generated adventure with infinite possibilities. No two adventures come out the same.

AI Map Maker

Maps are hard. Right? Why not let an AI make your maps for you. That’s what Dungeon Alchemist does. Dynamically populate rooms you draw with everything needed to set the scene and theme.

AI Generated Worldbuilder’s Disease

Be warned! This AI stuff can be awesome and amazing, but it can also be a huge distraction. Get in, get inspired, then get out!

Do your best to avoid doing what we did and spend too much time generating a ton of images or tweaking prompts word by word.

Do not get AI generated worldbuilder’s disease. That means focus. Focus on what matters most in your world. Revisit your World Meta, or start writing your World Meta if you haven’t yet.

Now, grab your hammer… And go worldbuild!