“Have you seen the new D&D movie trailer yet!?”

A phrase echoed through group chats and across gaming tables around the world. We’re sure by now you’ve heard about it enough.

What about the new Rings of Power trailer that came out just a week earlier?

Honestly? We cannot wait to watch them both!

Could this finally be what puts an end to the cinematic era of the Superhero and brings the renaissance of Fantasy?

For now, let’s compare the two trailers, talk about their similarities and differences, and – most importantly – what this might all mean for us in and around the industry of fantasy worldbuilding and writing.

Let’s Compare

Comparing these two trailers is like comparing potatoes and parsnips. They both taste great at Elevenses. But, let’s dig in and compare them anyway for funsies.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power
Trailer Release Date: Thursday, July 21st, 2022 Trailer Release Date: Thursday, July 14, 2022
Release Date: March 2023 (Ugh… so far away) Release Date: September 2nd, 2022 (Soon™)
Total length: 2:15 Total length: 2:31
Total Cuts or Transitions: ~111 (0.8 cuts/s) Total Cuts or Transitions: ~90 (0.6 cuts/s)
First Line: “Here’s the thing. We’re a team of thieves.” First Line: “There was a time, when the world was so young, there had not yet been a sunrise”.
First 10 Seconds: Action filled teaser before the title card. First 10 Seconds: Sweeping landscape shots

One is filled with action, exciting visuals, and plot giveaways. The other is filled with lore, worldbuilding, and a bit of splendor. One is full of one-lines, action scenes, and spotlights the main characters and their adventures.The other is more poetic and meditative, brimming with epic visual splendor, and focuses more on introducing the world, and showcasing iconic things that feel like the Lord of the Rings (cue Galadriel, rings and hobbit feet).

Obviously, these are two very different properties, approaches, and target audiences.

But let’s bring this dichotomy into our world as writers, worldbuilders, and fantastical aspiring professionals for a moment before we get distracted by arguments over which one is better.

Neither! … Well, it depends… drUIds cAn’T wiLdSHAPe iNTo owLbeaRS!

It’s okay. It’s okay. We’re not here for that.

What do you mean by “YOUR People”!?

It’s really about which style best suits your world, story, writing, and perhaps most importantly, your target audience.

Who are your people? Are they people who love to drown themselves in endless tomes or wiki pages of lore? Or, are they people who get easily excited when they’re absolutely insane plan works at the gaming table?

We’re both, by the way. Are you?

Looking at these two trailers, they’re in excellent alignment with their audience. Chaotic Good vs Lawful Neutral? 

So regardless of what might technically garner you the most attention, when it comes to promoting your work, always consider how your actions align with your message and your people.


Okay but seriously, which one got you hyped up the most?