What is Mapvember?

Mapvember is an open, inspiration challenge for anyone who enjoys creating fictional maps. These maps can be anything from dungeon maps to geographical maps, from fantasy to science fiction, as long as the maps are usable without other maps, tools or information. The challenge is organized by Miska’s Maps, a battlemap creator, who releases a list of prompts to guide your map making.

Mapvember 2021 – not just maps, but worldbuilding prompts too!

Wait – Mapvember AND Worldbuilding? Yup, this year, World Anvil is collaborating with Miska’s Maps to open up the challenge to worldbuilders everywhere! We’ve expanded Miska’s original prompts (with his permission!) into 30 worldbuilding questions to inspire you this November! (And maybe even help get you prepared for WorldEmber!) Check out the prompts below!

Mapvember 2021 map & worldbuilding prompts

Mapvember 2021 map & worldbuilding prompts, by World Anvil and Miska’s Maps


How Can I Participate?

  • Participation is easy! Either draw a map of some kind, or create a piece of world building, for each day of November!
  • Share your creations online with others.

    Mapvember 2021 Badge

    Check out dat shiny Mapvember badge!

  • Tag your map with a hashtag #mapvember and/or #mapvember[year] – this year that’s #mapvember2021! You can also tag in @WorldAnvil and @MiskasMaps if you want. We’ll share some of our favourite entries through our official accounts.

Claim your Mapvember 2021 badge!

Only for the brave, we challenge you to complete AT LEAST 21 of these prompts in November 2021. Your prize? A snazzy Mapvember 2021 badge for your World Anvil profile!

To claim your badge, comment on this post, and make sure you:

1. show that you’ve created 21 of the 30 prompts during November 2021! This can be a collated post on World Anvil where you collect your entries, or you can share the URLs of each entry.
2. share your World Anvil username, so we can deliver the badge to your profile!
We can’t wait to see your Mapvember creations!Β 

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