Ready to create an RPG adventure and give life to your world? Well, Adventure April is our brand-new one-shot adventure competition, and it’ll be running until April 30th! So buckle up and let’s take a look at everything you need to know to take part!

How to take part in Adventure April

Just follow these simple rules!

  • Write your adventure using the Plot template on World Anvil (you’ll need an account —it’s free!).
  • Make sure you’re writing the article as a submission for this prompt on World Anvil.
  • The adventure should be designed to be run in a single 3-6 hours long session. You can use any genre, system, or setting!
  • Assume you’re writing for other GMs to run the adventure. The page should have all important elements in it, but feel free to reference and link to secondary content like magic items and spells.
  • Feel free to use imagery, such as maps, but make sure you have permission to use them and credit the author.
  • If you’re referencing content (such as spells or monsters) under the OGL, you must include the OGL text (the footer is a good place for that). If the content you’re referencing is under copyright, you can’t publish it publically it on World Anvil!
  • You have until April 30th to submit your adventure.

The prompt you have to answer is:

Write a one-shot adventure for your world that is ready to run for a Game Master.

Check out the prompt page and use the Answer button to write your adventure!

Confused about what a one-shot is? Check out our previous Adventure April announcement to learn more!

Prizes for the one-shot adventure competition

Adventure April badge

Look at the shiny badge you’ll get for participating!

Yes, prizes! This is a minor challenge, but we still want to give you some shiny stuff for your hard work! These are the prizes:

  • Our favorite adventures will be featured in a round-up post in this blog.
  • Two lucky winners will get a purchase coupon for Eldritch Foundry so you can get some amazing minis!

Promoting your Adventure April one-shot

Running your one-shot is an amazing way to playtest it and make sure it’s fun and balanced! If you plan on streaming it on Twitch, YouTube, or a similar platform during April, we want to promote you! Send us an email at with these details:

  1. URL of your entry, and your World Anvil username
  2. Title and elevator pitch (2-3 sentences explaining genre, themes, what kind of viewing experience the audience can expect)
  3. Names of your players
  4. Platform and URL where you’ll be streaming
  5. Any other brief information you think would be useful for us to know

We also encourage you to share your work on social media. If you do so, remember to use the #AdventureApril hashtag!

Get some tips from the pros!

Adventure April interviews

Save the date to see these amazing beans live!

During April we’ll have some amazing beans on our streams, talking about game design and giving you the best tips! Here’s who we’ll have on stream:

  • 3rd April: Amanda Hamon, senior designer at Wizards of the Coast
  • 10th April: Duke Davis, OneShot Questers
  • 17th April: Guy Sclanders, the Great GM
  • 24th April: Satine Phoenix, Gilding Light and Jamison Stone, Apotheosis Studios

And expect to see some blog posts with tips and tricks to make your one-shots even more awesome!

So, are you ready to get started with this one-shot adventure competition? Because I am! Create your free account now and get writing!

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