Reading is one of the best ways to improve your own writing and worldbuilding. So, to start the new year with a bang, we have a reading challenge for you! If you want to really up your writing game, keep reading!

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The Reading Challenge: WorldEmber 2021

In a nutshell, this January we challenge you to find 10 articles on World Anvil, give them some feedback, and then write about how each one inspired you, made you think differently, or taught you something! In more detail, this is your task:

  1. Choose 10 articles written by someone else during WorldEmber. Read them carefully and give each a comment (remember to be nice and say at least one positive thing!). You can find articles on the WorldEmber landing page, and in the special categories there, or by joining our Discord and seeing what people are sharing. You can also get amazing articles delivered directly to your notifications by following worlds!
  2. Create a generic article for the reading challenge. In this article, list the 10 articles you chose and write a small paragraph about what you learned or how it inspired your world. Remember that this is not about giving critique, but about thinking how you can improve after reading these articles!
  3. End your article with a few new years’ resolutions. What will you do with your creative projects in 2022?
  4. Share your generic article in the comments of this blog post (remember to make it public and published!) before the end of January 2022.

If you complete the challenge and submit your article to the blog before the end of January 2022, you’ll get the WorldEmber 2021 Reader’s Achievement badge in your World Anvil profile! And, of course, you’ll also have a ton of new ideas and inspiration to improve your worldbuildingโ€”as shiny as the badge might be, taking your writing to the next level is the goal of the challenge.

Time to get reading! Can’t wait to see your resolutions in the comments!

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