As the year moves on, it’s time to look back and find the best worldbuilding content created by our community – the BEST OF WORLD ANVIL! Wanna be considered for this prestigious award? In this first stage, you need to submit your own work —so keep reading if you want to know how!

What’s the Best of World Anvil?

best of WA 2020

This is last year’s badge!

Every year we pick our favorite content made by our community to celebrate your creativity and showcase what World Anvil is capable of! But as the community has grown, it’s become more difficult to choose —there’s just so much creativity! And this is why we need YOU to tell us about YOUR best works of worldbuilding you made since January 2020.

The winners of the final election process will get an honor badge and their content will be featured throughout the year on the web site, blog posts, Twitch streams, videos, and more! So if you want your work to be noticed, now’s your chance!

How to submit your best worldbuilding

If you’re a Guild member, simply fill out this form and submit it! Be sure to follow these rules:

  1. You can submit to any number of categories. All fields in the form, except for your email, username, and Guild level, are optional.
  2. For each category, you can submit only one entry.
  3. Your submission (map, article, timeline) must have been first published after 1st January 2020.
  4. You must provide the full URL for each submission you make.
  5. All submitted work must be public (not private) and published (not draft).
  6. You can only submit work written by you or your world’s team. You cannot submit other people’s work for consideration.
  7. The deadline for submission is the 15th of October 2021.

Please keep these rules in mind to make sure your submissions make it to the next round!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your worldbuilding and go fill the form!


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