Looking for a low-down on our Worldbuilding Challenges for 2021? Look no further! In this post, we’ll go through the different types of worldbuilding challenges and writing challenges we run, as well as WHEN you can expect them and WHERE you can find more details!

WHEN are the worldbuilding and writing challenges?

Here’s a complete list of which challenges we’ll be running in each month of 2021!

WHAT are these Worldbuilding and writing challenges?

World Anvil worldbuilding and writing challenges come in three types: Community Challenges, Flash Challenges, and our big month-long events, Summer Camp and WorldEmber!

Community Challenges

Our Community Worldbuilding Challenges take place four times a year. In these challenges, you have a month to create and polish an article answering a specific worldbuilding prompt. Entries are submitted via the competition page and are judged by our Master of Games and guest judges. For 2021, you can expect lots of challenges with great prizes, and winning articles also win the chance to get their work published in the Worldbuilding Magazine!

Flash Challenges

The Flash challenges take the form of a Worldbuilding Prompt on the World Anvil website (which is also where you can enter your article), which is fleshed with a blog post. These are the most casual of our worldbuilding challenges, and a lot of our community really enjoys the chilled out feeling! There are no prizes or badges for completion, but we’ll show off our favorite entries in the World Anvil Saturday Community Stream (7pm GMT, 11am PST on Saturdays). Expect one or two flash worldbuilding challenges in February, April, June, August, and October. We even have a few special flash challenges planned in collaboration with other people, so watch out for those!

Our BIG events — Summer Camp and WorldEmber

Our biggest events of the year are month-long marathons of worldbuilding fun! These worldbuilding challenges are sponsored, which means lots of opportunities to win prizes! There are many categories to compete in and lots of winners. Best of all, the entire community comes together to support one another in streams, on Discord, and on social media.

Summer Camp

In July we celebrate World Anvil’s Summer Camp, a worldbuilding challenge inviting you to complete around 30 worldbuilding prompts over the month. This marathon of worldbuilding is a great opportunity to flesh out a new area of your world, or to start a brand new one! You can learn more about Summer Camp on the summer camp landing page, and see examples of prompts from previous years. In June, we run homework challenges (here are some examples from last year) to help you get yourself and your world ready!


CWorldEmber 2020 logoan you write 10,000 words of worldbuilding in a month? That’s the premise of WorldEmber, a free-for-all of worldbuilding, creativity, and achievement! WorldEmber runs every December, with homework challenges (here are some examples from last year) in November to help you prepare yourself and your world for the challenge! You can learn more about WorldEmber on the WorldEmber landing page.

WHERE can I learn more about the Worldbuilding Challenges?

We announce and share our worldbuilding challenges on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram the moment they go live! Our challenges often have hashtags, and if you use those and tag us in, we might share your articles on our official social media accounts too, to give them a boost!

You can also learn about our worldbuilding challenges, and everything else going on in our community, on our Discord server.  And of course, we also shout out our challenges —and the winners— live on our streams, over on Twitch! We go live Fridays and Saturdays at 7pm UK time, 11am Pacific time!

Which challenges are your favorite kind? Do you prefer the chilled out flash challenges, the focussed Community Challenges, or the marathon events of Summer Camp and WorldEmber? Let us know in the comments below!

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