Monetize your work with World Anvil!

You’re here because you’re a writer or author! Don’t know what World Anvil is? In a sentence, we’re an online tool for creating and presenting the worlds behind your stories – think maps, character profiles, short stories and more! Check out this post here for a deeper explanation. You can find explanations of how to use Sage for every other kind of creator there, too!

Why should you care about Sage?

If you’re working on a serial, trilogy or even independent novels, fan engagement and retention between instalments can wane. Don’t be George R.R Martin – keep giving your fans new content!

World Anvil offers a new, unique way to engage with your fans. It can be your private world bible, replace your fan Wikia and provide a monetisation platform for you all in one place.

How can you use Sage to monetize?

Have a public portfolio of all your works and world settings to date.

Show off the varied nature of your writing, and let fans connect with the worldbuilding behind you current releases and get excited about your WIPs in a whole new way! Reader comments allow your audience to like, ask questions and tell you their favourite parts, creating a more interactive experience.

Sage monetization portfolio art image
Show off all your worlds, genres, settings and ideas from one location… and get your fans engaged!

You can also advertise upcoming projects with our in-world announcements system. This makes sure everyone who sees your world knows about the next instalment in the series.

Present Maps and Images in stunning, interactive HD

Ever tried reading a map on a Kindle? Use World Anvil’s interactive map features to present your fantasy kingdom in stunning HD, with interactive labels and map layers. You can even give subscriber-only access to specific layers or groups of pins. Track the main character’s journey, the changing political climate or those armies of orcs marching on your hero’s fortress.

Interactive maps and images can have secret layers visible only to certain people… or to no one but yourself!

You can also use the interactive maps features to create interactive images! Why not publish concept art of your fantasy or alien species with markers describing their anatomy?

sage interactive art monetization
Interactive images and art are perfect for paint-overs, or to track the progress of a piece from start to finish! You can even control who sees which layers!

Or family trees with pins leading to articles about each character? These will pop up on the side of the map, giving an interactive experience for your readers as they explore the concepts of your world.

sage monetization writer author
Use the interactive image features for family trees, and link pins into character articles, to help your audience navigate your dynasties and clans!

Reward your super-fans with deeper insight!

You want to reward your readers, purchasers, or mailing list. Maybe you have a Patreon, VIP club, or customers who bought a special edition of a release?

World Anvil helps you provide behind-the-scenes access for these superfans! Share access-restricted content with them using subscriber groups (with easy CSV email import), subscriber codes and password protected articles. Let them send you fan fiction that you can approve before publication.

Use CSV Imports for mailing lists, Patreon lists, Twitch Subscribers, Kickstarter Backer lists, and MORE!

Give these as rewards to your patreons, book purchasers, or even run giveaways & raffles on your Social Media!

Create a Unique Selling Point for your books

You can also release subscriber-only content which supports specific instalments of a book series set within your world. For example, release access to a subscriber group for Book 1, and create a different subscriber group for Book 2 with different content, so you don’t give away any spoilers!

Release all kinds of content for your fans

The type of content you can release via World Anvil is boundless! Character interviews, short stories and flash fiction, prequel chapters, villainous asides, inspiration boards and concept art are just some possibilities your fans will love. You can create interactive maps and release special, subscriber-only layers with extra secrets. You can give access to secret timelines which map the deep history of your world. The possibilities are endless!

Let your VIPs and Super-fans see what your characters really think of each other with our character relations system!

Let fans write fan fic in your world!

Want to reward your Patrons even more? Allow superfans to submit fanfic of your world as draft articles! You can do what you like with these – edit them, and publish them if you wish, either publicly or privately!

Keep track of your whole Universe with a Book Bible

As an author you can also use World Anvil as a book bible for your WIPs, creating private working versions and public display versions of your world setting. Control the privacy of every article, and hide those first drafts (we know the feeling). Choose when an article is ready for public consumption, and create a private book bible for your own reference. What colour were that character’s eyes again?

sage monetization articles linked together
Keep track of everything in your universe with linkable articles, which make a private World Bible or public reference point for your fans!

Help your supporters become better writers

Present your writing advice to your supporters. Give Patreon pledgers access to writing tips, prompts or visual layouts to thank them for their love. You could even use World Anvil to keep a journal on your creative process (World Anvil founder Janet does this!) or a moodboard for a project including quotations, music and images.

Redirect your fans to your Patreon or storefront

Finally, you can redirect your audience to your Patreon or storefront when they don’t have permissions, with your own custom 404 page! Show your curious readers how they can gain access to the detailed content they’re hungry for, by supporting your creative endeavours.

What should I do next?

If you’re interested in purchasing a Sage membership and starting your monetization journey, go here

What if I have questions?

If you have questions about how to use World Anvil, check out:

If you have a questions or issues regarding subscriptions, you can contact the World Anvil Founders, Dimitris and Janet, at