Have you ever looked at the article template buttons in World Anvil and thought: “Damn. I wish I could find a way to add icons like that into my worldbuilding articles…” Well, I sure have! So I went and poked around with the amazing Section and Container BBCode available to Grandmasters and above to get it working! Here’s what I found.

World Anvil uses these two icon libraries across the entire website, which means that if you are a Grandmaster guild member or higher, you have access to these in your CSS and BBCode by using [section] or [container]!

You can use this code to really showcase your worldbuilding, your TTRPG campaigns, statblocks, storytelling and more!

How to add the icons

Browse the icons on the websites provided, and refer to the BBCode example. Once you’ve found the icon you like, copy and paste its identifier into the relevant section of the BBCode. You can use the color BBCode to change the color of the icon, too!

BBCode for RPGAwesome Icons
[color:#f1f1f1][section:ra ra-3x ra-key] [/section][/color] [color:#387a46][section:ra ra-3x ra-dinosaur] [/section][/color] [color:#bd4d1b][section:ra ra-3x ra-wyvern] [/section][/color]
BBCode for FontAwesome Icons
[color:#7d4cae][section:far fa-2x fa-compass] [/section][/color] [color:#233d94][section:far fa-2x fa-book-dead] [/section][/color] [color:#5b5c4a][section:far fa-2x fa-bone] [/section][/color]
This guide is also on the World Anvil Codex, where you can find all of the tutorials for World Anvil all in one place!

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