On the 21st of February it’s the International Mother Language Day This day exists to promote multilingualism and to bring awareness to linguistic and cultural diversity. We want you to write about a language that used to exist in your world. What happened to the language? Write about it in a language template article, you will find a link to the prompt of this Flash Challenge further down in the rules.

“To have another language is to possess a second soul”
— Charlemagne.


By Hanna Wright

So why did this language disappear? What happened to it’s people? Where they all killed? Did they naturally die out? Did they join another culture? What did your world lose when this language disappeared? How was it culturally important? Was it used for magic? For science?

The most common way in our world is a slow death when it’s speakers become bilingual and lose proficiency in their original language over several generations. This happens when people learn a language that will gain them more social and economic advantages.

Here is a video you can listen to about the subject: Language Death by Langfocus You can also try out this game: Dialect



“But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.”
― George Orwell, 1984

– First, you need a World Anvil account.

plastic letters to write languages with

By Jason Leung

– Minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 1500 words.

– One article per account, one person per account.

– The article needs to be public.

– Submit the article before the 23th of February, at 12:01AM GMT (the site time, look at the bottom of almost all pages of WorldAnvil.)

– Go to this prompt page and create your article.

-You can also post the link to your article as a reply to this blog post, but for it to count you have to link it by creating the article from the prompt page.



“The limits of my language means the limits of my world”
― Ludwig Wittgenstein.


books of different languages

By Pricilla du Preez

-The pride of having finished an article.

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“We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives.”
— Toni Morrison

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